Products & Services

TGT Yida is dedicated to customising a wide range of services and solutions for industry customers. Our hassle free services allow you to focus on your business development. It offers the following products and services:

Site Resources and
Managed Services

  • Server Room Hosting
  • Server Room Leasing
  • Server Room Planning and Construction Services
  • Equipment Entry and Exit Support Services
  • 7×24 Maintenance Service
  • Technical Consultation Service

Data Services

Data Storage, Archiving, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery etc.

Cloud Computing Services

Working with strategic partners to build private cloud services for enterprises and providing public cloud services including infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS)

Networking Services

TGT DLDC 1 offers a wide selection of lines and networking services, including

  • Internet access
  • Private Network Access
  • Private Line, IP Sec VPN, MPLS VPN, International VPN Channel
  • VPN Channels over the Internet and Private Lines